I was having a conversation the other day about being successful and the amount of work, commitment, and discipline it actually takes to get to where you want to be. What is your idea of success? Do you want to be a straight A student? Maybe you want to be an all state athlete and get a scholarship to a college. Some of you may want leadership roles in companies, and others may simply see success as having money and traveling. Each one of has a different idea of success and we are all on our own journey to reach that individual success. Have you realized yet just how difficult it is to actually reach the goal? It’s tough, harder than you probably ever imagined. It’s more difficult because when we set our goals, we usually only visualize the end result. We tend to overlook what it will really take to reach that goal. The amount of time, energy, sacrifice, and failures we are actually going to endure along the way. We are ignorant, and it is true ignorance is bliss in this case. Do you think that if you knew all of the work and discipline that was involved in reaching your goal, it would’ve even become something you would want to accomplish? And now here you are, doubting yourself, bummed out that you can’t stay on track, just another goal that you can’t reach. This is far from true! You may just need to re-evaluate your approach and your current lifestyle, to help you succeed.

For starters, are you putting yourself in the position daily to actually reach your goal? Are you studying every night, are you on a daily training regiment, are you involved and positive in the workplace, are you micromanaging your finances? There are daily things that you can do to prepare yourself to reach your goal. Getting up early and getting your mind right is important. Making sure you are set for your day and focused on the success you see yourself reaching. Being intentional in all that you do and say, and making sure that these actions and words are helping to propel you to your destination. Everything you do on a daily basis is positioning yourself in a certain direction. Wake up and take the time to focus your mind. Tell yourself you are capable and you WILL reach your idea of success. You have the power to decide which direction you want to go every single day.

Eliminate all distractions and excuses. In your everyday life there are so many things that can act as distractions and serve as excuses that will prevent you from reaching your idea of success. You  may not even recognize some of them. Distractions can range from the music you listen to, to the television you watch, to the food you eat. People say they know it won’t be easy to reach their goal, but putting in the amount of discipline required is something that always gets overlooked. It would be easier to put on a movie or order a pizza, instead of studying and sticking to healthy eating habits, but these are shortcuts that can’t be taken on your road to success. If you are serious about reaching a goal and being successful you have to be hyper focused. Every decision you make, should be made with your end result in mind. You could sleep in, or get up and go to the gym…which one will help you be successful? You can buy a new outfit, or place that money in a savings account, which choice will help you reach your goal? When you do not allow yourself to be distracted and choose to be focused on your goal, the reward will be so much sweeter and you will reach it much sooner. You have to be willing to be disciplined.

Surround yourself with your own personal highlight reel. Chances are, you already have this highlight reel on your social media pages. When you surround yourself with the best parts of you, your motivation and confidence is going to skyrocket! The reason is because you are seeing yourself in successful places and positions. Print out some of your most motivating and successful memories and place them on your desk, mirror, car, workspace, or wherever you can see them easily as you are working.You are beautiful, happy, confident, successful and the world is yours to conquer. You truly can do and be whatever you want to, but you have to take the action needed in order to do that. Looking at some of your past accomplishments can be motivating and inspiring.

Place yourself in the right crowd. You never want to be the best person in the room, rather you want to be in a room full of people who can hear your questions and answer them honestly. Put yourself around people who are like minded in terms of goals and visions of success. This may mean dedicating one social media page strictly to people or pages that are your idea of success. The more you are seeing it and surrounded by it, the more clear your vision will become. Some of you may be fortunate enough to surround yourself with the presence of people who are living a version of your idea of success. For example, you may be able to attend company meetings or outings with some top leaders. You may get to do some training with some top athletes, or coaches. These are experiences that should be taken and used as learning moments. Watch videos and read books from people who are living and working in the places you want to be. What is their secret to success? There is always, always, always something to learn from another person. It is just a matter of whether you are being open or closed. If you assume you know exactly what it takes and choose not to be a learner, you will have a far more difficult time getting to success. We as humans need support, find a support system and use it. This support system can be in the form of a YouTube channel, an author, a company, a person (or people), or it can be an accumulation of different resources. The more tools you have, the better prepared you will be to continue on your journey to success  when things get hard.

A success journey is full of failures, hardships, and lots of learning experiences. But we need these challenges to keep things interesting. You are capable of being the person you see yourself being. You just have to make sure you are doing everything possible to head in the right direction everyday, the day before tomorrow. I encourage you to look at the way your are working toward your success and make changes where necessary. The changes  may seem small at the time, but 1 point is the difference between winning and losing.


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