Uncalculated Flow of Awareness

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Have you ever experienced a moment when you are just cruising right along your life’s plan and then bam, out of nowhere life hits you with something crazy? These moments are so important to who you are. They can make you or break you. Literally, it is in these moments where you can allow growth and change to happen, or you can become frozen still in the river of life. This river of life is constantly flowing and changing at a rapid pace whether you like it or not. You do not have the choice to stop the river of life from flowing, but you do have the choice to fight it or ride it. Most of us have been taught to fight it.  People say they need to accomplish things before “time runs out”. It’s like a race against a clock, resulting in a life that wasn’t ever lived. We race to the next career goal, and then start racing all over again. Some people wake up and race their whole day just to end up back in the same exact spot! Living from minute to minute, counting down the hours until the weekend and then racing back to the weekend again. It’s a toxic cycle. And along the way you are missing so many details. The way a person’s eyes sparkle when they talk to you, the way the sky appears on the ride to work, the way a flower looks, or how calm things get before a rain comes. Sure, you’re breathing, but are you actually living your life? What would happen if you changed the way you approach life and time? Instead of racing the clock what if you embraced life and rode the river all the way through to the end?

 Making the choice to flow with life is a scary one because you can’t control it, and you do not know what lies ahead, life at its core is a constant mystery full of surprises.  Life is giving if you are willing to receive. The problem is letting go. It is so much easier and seems to be more peaceful when you can calculate and control the direction you are going. Because when you take out the mystery and danger, there is little room for error. Most people commit to this type of controlled calculation for life, even if it means never getting anywhere. Committing to riding the ever flowing river of life is uncomfortable at first. In fact, when you decide to intentionally LIVE life, you are letting go of all of the power and calculated control you have ever known. You cannot live life while you are fighting to control it. The only things you have real control over are your mind and thoughts, and this is where you start to grow.  There is a term called moxie which simply means strength of mind to carry on in spite of danger. It is dangerous and risky to decide to live life and be the greatest version of yourself. Being aware of the danger and controlling your awareness (mind and thoughts) is almost like the secret of life and it is the essence of moxie.

How do you control your awareness? Simple. Stop trying to control life. See each moment for exactly what it is when you see it. When you plan things out and then try to control that plan, you are cutting out the beautiful gems and jewels that life has to offer. You see them, but only as tools to propel you towards you goal. They lose their intended value, and now take on the value you give them. Which is to get you one step closer to the beginning of the cycle. When you start being attentive and view each moment, or gem, as a unique contribution to your river of life, and see it for what it is, you will become more in tune with yourself and the things around you. Take time to watch the stars, look deep into someone’s eyes, appreciate the next conversation you have, feel the sun dance on your skin.  These little moments will begin to make you more aware.

Be intentional in the way you speak and the thoughts you think. Before you speak, ask yourself if you are speaking in the moment, from the past, or with a future goal in mind. You will begin to see that you probably speak from the past—that is holding on to a thing a person previously said or the way they acted, and speaking on that tune. Or, you speak from the present with expectations, that is you are expecting a person to act or react a certain way when you talk to them. You have to start noticing that this moment is not connected to the past. It never will be. It stands alone and offers such a beautiful gift if you will take it. The more intentional you become, the more aware you will become.

I encourage you to take the risk and begin to look at life differently and receive what it has to offer. If you can do these two things you will alter your life in such a way that you will begin to grow from the inside out. This is the best type of growth because it is independent and it impacts the people around you. You are growing and you are also becoming a precious jewel in the lives of others by being intentional and attentive in your interactions. The river of life has picked you up, because you have allowed it to. You have embodied this moxie mindset and the reward is far greater than the risk! It is pure joy, relaxation, and peace every single moment, including the day before tomorrow.


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