If I can be honest…I’m in a spot in my life that I’m not so crazy about. I won’t go into details, but please tell me there is someone else out there who can relate? You’re in a space and you find yourself saying this isn’t my space, place, job, town, or people. This isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m sure most of you have been here at some point in your life. When we enter into a chapter that just doesn’t seem to fit, what do we do?

The answer I have found has given me much more peace to replace my discomfort: plant your seeds where you are. Friends, it is a piece of cake to complain about how awful things are when they don’t feel right. It is easy to look forward to the future and say when X,Y,Z happens then I’ll be happy. Or when I get to the next job, town, relationship, month, year, things will be easier. Those things could be very true but you know what else is true? You are literally wasting time wishing for a future that may or may not happen. Every day you wake up dreading where you are is a wasted day. We have to look at our situation from a different point of view. Why don’t we plant our seeds right where we are?

Planting your seeds or using your talents and strengths will without a doubt make your situation better, and it can help you get closer to the space you are looking for. Actively searching for small opportunities where you can use your skills to help others will propel you to the next level you desire. Taking extra time to listen to a friend in need, bringing coffee to a co-worker, or volunteering to help on a project are all ways to plant seeds right where you are. Some of you might be thinking you don’t have any talents, skills, or time you can share right now; how about planting the seed of positivity? Expressing joy and peace for the present moment that you have been given is another way to plant your seeds.

These seeds, if you continue to be mindful of them, will begin to grow right before your eyes. The harvest will come back tenfold in different forms– new relationships, job opportunities, financial opportunities, and so much more. Each time you share a talent, skill, or positive interaction you are drawing in positive, powerful energy to your life. That energy will begin to change the space around you. What can you do with your skills, talents, and mindset? Why are you hiding them, waiting for the right time? The only moment you are ever given is now. Share the great talents and skills you have. Spread positivity. Give to the world in each moment and the world will give back to you. Plant your seeds where you are, allow the world to pollinate them and place you where you desire to be.

I challenge you this week to look at your space in a different light. Shift your mindset and ask what seeds you can plant while you are in this space. Then take action, begin planting those seeds and watch what the world does to your space. Remember no moment is wasted, especially the day before tomorrow.

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