What makes your heart sing? What is the one thing in the entire world that makes your heart feel so full you’re exploding with love and happiness? Maybe it’s spending time with family or friends, maybe being out in nature by yourself, perhaps snuggling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a book. Each of us has something that makes our heart sing. Something that feeds our soul. My question to you is how often do you feed your soul with the food it craves?

The Hungry Soul

Depleted. That’s how I felt this last week. We had just finished up our high school basketball season–4 months full of late nights and high energy games. Without missing a beat we went right into track, our first meet is this week. My cup was empty. I mean if you turned it over and beat on the bottom of it there was not a single drop coming out. I knew I needed to recharge. Can anyone relate? Have you ever felt so drained that it’s exhausting to think about how exhausted you are? And I don’t mean the kind of exhausted where you had a hard day at work that can be fixed by a night of wine and Netflix. I mean exhausted from life. Things just keep coming at you that require energy and somehow you have this energy to give for weeks, or months. Then you get a second to breathe and realize…I. Am. Exhausted. I call this my soul’s hunger pain. Do you listen to it? I did. Typically my idea of relaxing involves staying at home and not lifting a finger. But, I knew this was a deep hunger pain from my soul. I needed to really feed it. So, I decided to go visit my sweet sister-in-love for a couple of days. She is very much like me, and I knew her love and energy would help fill my cup. Quality time, laughs, good food, and a beautiful day outside in a state park was what my weekend consisted of. My soul got fed. My cup is beyond full. I am so happy I really listened to my soul.

Hunger Pains

When we nourish our soul with the beautiful thing that makes it full, our cup becomes full. This allows us to give to those around us. It gives us energy to love, laugh and relax enough to pour out joy and love to our co-workers, clients, and families. This is the life we want right? I love being full enough that love and joy genuinely pours out from my cup into another. The key is that you have to know when your soul is hungry. Recognize the things that begin to change when your cup is empty. Sometimes we are just plain tired for weeks. Maybe we have a shorter fuse and become more impatient with our kids or spouse. Some people become hyper focused on just getting the to-do list done every day. There is no time to stop and talk or laugh or listen. Any of these sound familiar? Perhaps you have a different way of reacting to an empty cup. The important thing is that you recognize the reaction. When the reaction starts, you can then pay attention to your soul. What does my soul need? Most of us already know. I know my soul needs quality time and a place outside.

A Full Soul

Once we know what it is that fills our soul, we have to take action. Do it. Sounds easy right? But, when I was making plans for my visit I remember thinking ughh..there will be laundry and a dirty house, and things to get ready for the work week waiting for me when I return. Is it really worth it to go? Is it really worth it to take off work, or leave the kids, or forget about the to-do list? If you are going to come back with a full cup, YES! It is more than worth it. You will be ready to get back to work and do your job with joy. You will be ready to love on your kids or spouse in a deeper way. You will be ready to tackle your to-do list with a new mindset. It will be worth it! When your cup is empty, take the action to nourish your soul with the food it craves. Allow it time to recharge and fill up your cup with love, joy, and grace. Then take your cup and pour out your beautiful love, joy, and grace onto others. One of the most beautiful parts of a nourished soul with a full cup is watching it interact with those around it.

Take Action

I challenge you this week to get in touch with your soul. Determine whether or not your cup is full or empty. If it is full, pour your love onto others. If it is empty, what can you do to recharge your soul and fill your cup? What is your soul needing? Then I encourage you to take the action to nourish it. Make the time to fill your cup. You will be happy you did.

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